Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A Little More Scrappy Hexy Progress

 Despite what my blog shows, I actually have been sewing!

 Any time of year is good to sew with Christmas fabrics... secret stuff... well, secret for now...

I've also been sewing for school.... It's been fiddly, annoying & tedious... and thankfully, it's finally finished. Using a waterproof canvas of some sort, to make covers for various pieces of equipment for the Art Department. The equipment is housed in a semi-outdoors area, & really needs to be protected from damp air & dust... to be honest I don't even know what any of the machines do, I just made them a snug cover each! About 12 covers in all, no two the same.
Sometimes it's not a good thing when people know you sew!

So to the Scrappy Hexy Quilt progress... Another block is ready to stitch onto the main piece, & I've started stitching the next one together too... it's rather a repetitive process really, but I don't mind... it's actually a bit exciting to see the piece getting bigger now.
 With the Tour de France & Wimbledon starting soon, I'm hoping to get some good stitching done... keeping one eye on the action, & two eyes on the stitching😊

That's all for now... have a great day!

Sunday, 18 June 2017

It's 'Christmas Through The Year' for June!

Welcome to another linky for CTTY... come on folks, it's time to start tweaking your ideas, making some gifts & stashing them away... or maybe you want to start working on a bigger project over a few months, to give at Christmas time...
let CTTY be your motivation & encouragement!

This month I've added these great little buckets to the Giftie Box... if I'm remembering correctly, I bought them as kits from Patchworks Plus (Tasmania) a few years ago... just took an hour or so to do all the machine sewing, but adding those cute buttons was not quite as easy as I thought they'd be... still, they've turned out super-cute & will be great to fill with any items really... choccy's, lollies, or small gifts.
 Now to plan next month's items!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Some 'Scrappy Hexy Quilt' Progress

As I mentioned in my previous post, it was nice to have a break from working on my Scrappy Hexy Quilt... I'd been working on it fairly consistently for some time & it was good to have a change from those six-sided darlings!
I also made reference to plodding... well good for me, I have plodded Tuesdays block into place on the quilt (in the top left of the pics)... and even started stitching together another block while watching Jaws2 last night. (It's not so much a scary film, but corny in how much the size of the shark changes and how fake it looks, & how ridiculous the whole film is!! )

My evenings are very quiet at the moment... mrHS is on an overseas work trip until the end of the month, and the "kids" are busy with their studies, so I can watch telly & stitch to my heart's content... this should give me fab plodding opportunity! Nothing like a good instalment of 'Death In Paradise' or 'Murdoch Mysteries'.

Kids... what on earth should I be calling them?! They are now 17, 22 & 22... they're beyond being referred to as "kids" 😃

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

EPP Tuesday Again...

 Last week I decided it was time for me to resume plodding with my Scrappy Hexy Quilt.
It's been nice to have a break from it, but I really needed to get back into it & keep going...
Plodding is required... much plodding...

So a new block has been laid out & stitching has begun... it's so handy to have my giant tub full of hexy's already basted!

Work is made much easier now I'm used to my recently updated lenses

I'd love to see YOUR english paper piecing...
write it up on your own blog & then link it here!

As always, the linky is in my right-hand sidebar & will be open until
midnight Thursday, W-Australia time.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

I'm a 'ChookShed Party' Straggler...

So great to see lots of us blogging ladies turn out with Chookyblue in celebration of
The Chookshed!

Between one thing & the other, I didn't get as much opportunity to sew & stitch as I had hoped for, but I think I scrape in as having 'done something'.

The weather here has been divine in the last couple of weeks... so amongst the washing of boring house things like curtains & dog bedding, I also took my chance to wash some fabrics for a couple of projects... yes, the blue is something for me! It really is so pretty.

These darling little Christmas ornaments got finished too... so pleased with how they turned out... they're about 3" square.

The project that took up most of my time was something that's been a long time coming, & I'm so glad I've finally done it...
Some of you may recall that I was working on the stitcheries for a Red Brolly quilt design called "Polka Dot Girls"... I was really loving them, even if my progress was terribly slow... but the more I stitched faces, the more I realised I didn't like the background fabric I was using... & thus work ground to a halt while I considered my options.
The fabric is white, with a small pattern of very pale spots, either of yellow, pink or purple... the problem is that the colour of the threads made the coloured spots more noticeable, & I felt the faces on my stitching look to have chicken pox or some such... I just couldn't escape that thought!
Here's what I mean:

So call me mad (I won't be offended)... I finally found a background fabric I like & have taken the plunge to re-start this very pretty quilt.
Much time was spent on the weekend with my light pad & pen, tracing up quite a few of the stitcheries... there's a few more to trace, but this is a satisfactory start for sure.
 These are terrible pics... just couldn't get a good one, sorry... the fabric is a soft white colour with a very fine tone-on-tone of small leaf & spots... no chance of chicken pox with this one!
Lordy, another project for the hand-stitching pile.
As for the ones I'd already stitched, I will finish the remainder of them & use them individually for various projects in the future... just not a quilt!

Thank you Chooky for a lovely weekend, & it's great to see that you had such wonderful company for your ChookShed celebrations.

Friday, 2 June 2017

LESLEY - seeking LESLEY!

 Seeking LESLEY, who Commented on my Perth/WA Bloggers page recently.

Thank you for visiting my blog Lesley... and for your message regarding the Craft Fair Get-Together.
Lesley, your Blogger settings are such that I cannot reply to you; there is no email address visible.
I'm sorry I was unable to respond... it would have been lovely to meet you!

I have a link to info that you might find helpful, just click HERE.

I hope you come back here Lesley!
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