Saturday, 3 December 2016

My SSCS Has Arrived!

Oh-so fun!
Again I'm part of the legendary annual Chookyblue's Secret Santa Christmas Swap... & my parcel has arrived!
Thank you to my Santa... Denice in wintry Michigan USA.
I've opened the Ornament, & wow... a fun hexagon-shaped with singing Snowmen, just perfect! Thank you Denice xx
 Now to be very good & not be tempted to unwrap the other lovely item until the 25th!

Friday, 2 December 2016

Weekend Retreat... Wonderful As Always!

Finally got time to post about my Retreat... what a wonderful weekend it was!

Kicking it off on Friday was Christmas lunch... at a beautiful historic pub, about 15 minutes east of town... gorgeous riverside location & lots of original features.

After lunch & desserts, those of us who were going to Retreat, simply jumped in our cars & drove on to Dwellingup... up hill, down dale... bendy & windy roads... distracting views & bushland thriving in the Spring weather.
Not far from my destination, I realised I had a stowaway... Oh, what on earth is Aunt Violet up to?!
I was a lady on a mission this Retreat... I'm grateful to my bloggy friends for their concern that I'd not packed enough to keep me occupied... never you fear, I was basket held three projects & one even remained untouched!

My main aim for the weekend was to piece together my blacks & whites quilt top, which was a happy Ta-Da on Saturday afternoon... being that I seem to name pretty much everything, this one is now 'Pops Of Pink', for reasons apparent.

I had time later on Saturday to play around with some pink fabrics & grey strips... even used blue pins to assist me... the blocks are from Kim Brackett's book 'Scrap Basket Beauties'... they'll be fun to accumulate when I feel like it.

The weather was hot, but really only for a few hours in the middle of the day... an aircon took care of that... & the nights were just so lovely for sleeping... I had a room on my own, even with its own bathroom! It's not 5-star, but it has plenty of character & we're so lucky to have such a wonderful place less than an hour from home.
View from my room... not bad, hey?!
 Aunt Violet certainly got around... supervising the sewing... taking in the view... hanging out in some interesting spots... she might be Violet, but there's nothing 'shrinking' about her!
Yeah... um... probably not the best place to get comfortable!
 The grounds were gorgeous as always... & being an early riser, it was so lovely to make a cuppa & sit outside in the morning quiet, just listening to the birds, sheep & rustling leaves.

Far too soon, it was time to pack up & head back down the hill... with my co-driver...

I always reflect that Retreats are not just good for the sewing, but good for the soul; this time was no different.

Friday, 25 November 2016

I'm Off For The Weekend!

Lucky me... I'm sure you can guess...

I'm off for a sewing weekend! Woo Hoo!

Here's the deal... we're having our Christmas lunch today... then those of us who are going to Dwellingup will simply drive on from lunch... fabulous.
We love this venue, & we're just hoping that the weather won't get too hot. I've got my projects packed, machine in the car & waiting till the last minute to put my overnight bag in.

So I wish you all a great weekend & I'll be sure to report in on Monday!

(I see Blogger has changed things around on us again... golly, I just get used to one set-up, then they do this... ggrrr... oh well, 'first world problem' really 😉 )

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

'Piece Yourself Together'... A Little Tree...

 Recently I blogged a pic of some very cute little 1/2inch hexy's... Christmas hexy's, to be precise...
Oh my goodness they are so addictive!

This is the result... I just love it... but it won't be staying here... so I hope my recipient likes it.
 You can see the size of it next to my trusty rotary cutter
 And below, in my hand... super-cute! I did each side different. The hexy at the bottom is a dark brown, to represent the trunk.
There is definitely going to be another of these made very soon, so fun!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Finally Finished With Secret Sewing & CTTY...

 Well, it's been a tough month with the sewing... Sewing is actually happening, but not much I can share here... 'secret sewing' you see... good news is, at last I've finished with the secrecy & can get back to posting what I'm up to!
Here's a peep at some of what I've been working with... yes the Stitch Eliminator on the left has been involved, but fortunately not too many times...

While I've been on my break from stitching for my Scrappy Hexy Quilt, I've been playing with smaller hexy's - 1/2inch size - to try a little fun... how cute have they turned out?!... now to stitch them back-to-back, to become a decoration.
Sadly, no make from me for November CTTY... but I'm sure there will be a couple of things for next month, being that it's so close to Christmas.
If you've been sewing & stashing pressies for Festive giving, I'd love you to share it here on the CTTY linky!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Too Cute!

How cute are these little hexagons??!
They are 1/2" sides & I'm sure you can tell what they're for...

Sure do look small next to the 1" size I normally stitch with...

Have a Wonderful Sunday

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

More Hexy's for EPP Tuesday...

Goodness my weeks are just full of lots of goings-on, but nothing very exciting.
Do you ever feel like that?

Anyway, I've at least been continuing to make some more progress with my Super Scrappy Hexy Quilt... added the two blocks to the upper & middle right
I'm going to give the quilt a break for a little while now & make some small Christmas items using EPP... it'll be nice to make something with hexy's that doesn't take an age to finish.

I look forward to doing some blog catch-up as the week progresses... computer time seems to be a bit short lately!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Who's Got EPP??!

I'm almost there... it's definitely slow work... but slow is fine... slow is just fine!
The first six blocks are almost together.
The white looks very bright there, it's really not that sharp... darn fluorescent lights...

As usual, the linky is in my sidebar... can't wait to see some great EPP!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

'Christmas Through The Year' for October

Christmas things appearing in the shops... family events being planned... the Jolly man is gearing up for his annual round-the-world trip...
And it's time to be giving serious thought to making some Christmas gifts & stashing them away!
With a friend recently returning to her sewing hobby, I've made her a zipper pouch, skinny-pinny & a little needlebook... yes the fabric is familiar, it's leftovers from making birthday gifts.
(I adore these fabrics & I'm so glad I have even a little bit more to keep for myself!)
 How cute is that pink spotty lining?!

Won't you join me this month for CTTY?

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Not Just Hexy's...

Gosh I just realised how much 'hexy goodness' I've posted on my blog in recent months!
Guess that's what can happen between secret sewing & bouts of winter ills.

So just to vary things up a little, I want to share some gifts I sent to my longtime bloggy friend Kaylee... for 2016 we agreed to do a 'birthday swap'... a handmade gift, some small extras & 3 fat quarters... well, Kaylee's birthday was last month & here's what I sent her:
 Also made a matching pincushion & skinny pincushion - bit hard to see, sorry.

The fq's are Kate Spain 'Aria'... so gorgeous from my favourite designer.
Plus two pair of scissors, in very handy size.
 I know Kaylee loves shoes, bling & pink, so I reckon this fabric is pretty spot-on, don't you??!

I've also been progressing the batiks strips... being that it's a 'challenge' project from my patchwork group, it's sneak-peaks only, sorry... but here's a better look at their awfulness...
  LOTS of strip sets, ready for the next stage of sewing...
 In keeping with my tradition of giving names to some of my projects, I've called this 'The Sows Ear'... maybe I'm hoping for a silk purse when it's finished?!

Some months ago, I blogged that I'm also participating in a Mystery Friendship Quilt with my patchwork group... this is a close-up look at some of the blocks I've made for the other ladies. 

I was so pleased with this white/black/pink-pop block... it's called 'Aunt Dinah'... sadly the lady who was to receive it passed away mid-April... the blocks made for her are being made up into something special for her family.

It's certainly been a very interesting project, & we only have 2 blocks to go... well, I have a few more than that, I'm officially behind. When all the 17 blocks are complete, we'll be having a special day of 'reveal' at which the co-ord of this Mystery will give each of us the collection of blocks that have been made for us.
It's up to each lady to decide what she wants to make with her blocks... not necessarily a quilt, although that's what I'll be doing with mine.

Christmas swaps are well under way... this year I'm doing two... quite different to eachother but definitely fun... both with partners I've not sent to before, bonus!

Ok, I'd better get Pfaff-ing... catch-up blocks to sew... sunshine to enjoy...
Have a great day!
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