Tuesday, 27 September 2016

It's the 4th Tuesday...

Don't the weeks roll by so quickly?!
And to compound my time warp, it's school holidays here now so I have no hope of remembering what day it is!

So proud of myself this past week... picking myself up out of my pity-party & getting some good stitching done. The centre six blocks of my scrappy hexy quilt are complete, yay...
 Coming along nicely!

I hope you'll share your EPP with me here... as always, the linky is in the right-hand sidebar...
come on, show off what you're making!

Welcome to my new Followers... I hope you'll leave me a Comment so I can know who you are & go visit your blog too... it's always great to make new blogging friends, don't you think?!

On Sunday I had a lovely day out with mrHS & mr16... pics next post.
To everyone who has sent me positive words in my recent posts, I thank you again... it's lovely to be feeling brighter about 'things' once again!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

'Christmas Through The Year' for September

It's getting closer... I bet you've already seen Festive things in the shops already!
I've done a sneaky for this month... finishing a long-neglected sewing companion that was almost finished, but not quite... For some reason, I had not got around to stitching the bind around the edge, so that got done yesterday & now it's ready for the giftie box.
(This item is possibly familiar... I made some a while back as gifts)
My tub is getting very full now!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Getting Going, Again...

What a strange few months this has been for me.
I really don't even know how to start with writing this post!

My SewJo seems to be making itself felt again (back from its elopement, Fiona!)... with some recent sunny days, I've spent a little time outside in the sun with either a few books, or a few patterns... leafing through for some enjoyment & seeking of inspiration... And I've even picked up my needle & thread, doing a little hexy block stitching too!
Thought was given to starting a new project, but I decided against that; creating a List Of Four things to work on, just to get me going again. Four feels do-able for now.... three of which have been neglected long enough they feel new anyway;)

These blocks from back in late-April that I sewed on Retreat are on my List Of Four

I also decided it was time to get working in earnest on this:

Ghastly batiks 'challenge' jelly roll I won on the same Retreat.
The 'challenge' is to make something from the above roll & have it finished to Show & Tell at Retreat 2017... I'd previously decided on a way to use the roll, but work stalled as the winter ills reigned... after a little revising, I'm ready to start sewing.
You can see that the nasty greens & yellows of the roll have been joined by some other fabrics... I can't say or show much more until the Reveal next year, sorry!

Being that I'm behind with some blocks for our Patch group Mystery Friendship Quilt, I have those to do too, over a few weeks.

In the absence of needle-n-thread action, I've been doing a bit of re-organising, a bit of cleaning out & a bit of seasonal cleaning... though which season that is, I'm not sure... it's that time of year where it feels very Spring-ish for a day or two, then the winds & rains return!
 I've definitely got a case of Cabin Fever, but I hope it hasn't made me delirious!

~~ Have a Great Week Ahead! ~~

Monday, 5 September 2016

Sew-Jo, Mo-Jo... Wherefore Art Thou?!

 Not a great title for a blog post, but sadly it's the truth!
So many other things have been taking my time, with not much left for stitching or sewing... but, that's life & there's been some good stuff happening during my absence from blogland.
I've at least managed a bit of hexy stitching some evenings... but most evenings, it's just not happening... perhaps I'm a bit hexy fatigued, & a slow patch will do me good!

 I've been a very lucky recipient of some fab mail recently... Kim, at Wisdom With Needle & Thread is doing "60 RAKs"... and wow, check out what she's sent me:
 DMC threads... a pretty fq... a cross stitch chart... & the prettiest hand-painted trinket box... just look at the detail, amazing... thank you so much Kim, I love it all & I'm so grateful for your generosity in doing these RAKs!

Mr 16's soccer season is finished... so I get my Friday nights back, yay... I wonder how many oranges I've cut & taken to every game for them?! My darling girls are both working hard on their uni stuff, so much work in 4th year; clearly they get their drive from mrHS, the only thing I did well with at school was English & socialising!

Isn't it wonderful that Spring is in the air? It's officially been a colder-than-usual winter here, so it's great to see new growth in the gardens & be able to open the doors and windows to daytime breezes.
What do you love about Spring?

Thanks for popping by, have a great day.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

It's The Fourth Tuesday... EPP Time!

What's your EPP? Applique... fussy-cutting... different shapes in the same project??
I'd love to see it, & have you link up in my right-hand sidebar.

Oh-so pleased to be sharing my pics today...
 It's not hard stitching them into rows, but there's a kind of hand-gymnastics required at times when joining the rows... Gotta get bossy with those rows to keep them in line.
 Three more of these & I'll have the makings of a centre, yay!

~ Have a Great Tuesday ~

Saturday, 20 August 2016

'Christmas Through The Year' for August

Goodness I had quite lost track of the date, hence the late posting of the linky for this month!
I've finally finished the last zipper pouch that was on my 'to-make' list for this year.
And I must say, I'm pretty happy with it, isn't the fabric so cute? I know the recipient will love it.

If you're sewing for Christmas, I'd love you to share it here... there aren't many months left until December!
The linky will close at midnight on the 24th... won't you join me?

There's also been a little secret sewing happening... love the way it's turned out... you'll just have to wait a while to see it in full!

And lucky me, I've been sick for a third time this year... fortunately, this time it didn't last long & I'm feeling good again now... if it happens again, I'm seriously going to go live in a cave devoid of all human contact... so 'over' the coughing, nose-blowing & congestion.
This is the first time in years that I've genuinely looked forward to the end of Winter.

Well, I'm going to get on & hit 'publish' on this, so I can get around & visit a few blogs, I'm so behind with my reading.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

It's A Hexy Quilt Start!

Yes friends, I have a quilt embryo!

The Super Long Term Scrappy Hexy Quilt has its first block stitched together, yay...
 The second block is laid out & ready to be stitched.
Golly there's so much stitching needed for even one block... but I'll just have to pace myself so I don't create problems for my hands!

After all this time of basting, basting, basting... filling the tub with them... I'm happy to be at the 'stitching together' stage.
It's going to be a long process, but so worth it!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

'Piece Yourself Together'... My Next Stage

Welcome to 'Piece Yourself Together' for the 2nd Tuesday of August!
If you're not familiar with this fun little linky, you can find out more about it by clicking on the PYT tab at the top of this page.
Last linky, I was in a quandary about whether to use cream or white as a background... there was some careful thought & auditioning... WHITE is the winner!
Of course the deliberation was needed because this is going to become a family heirloom, work of art, revered & lauded throughout the lands for its beauty & workmanship... I think NOT... but it might win an Ugly Quilt ribbon.
My efforts for PYT this time has been to cut a starter pile of white hexy's... now they're ready to be basted... some black ones have been done too... don't they look lovely in the tub with all their friends?!
 It's going to be fun just picking out hexy's & stitching them together.

Thanks for popping by... If you're working on an EPP project... any project at all... I hope you'll share it here... I'd love to see what other EPP is happening out there!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

FNwF for August

What a great Friday! Actually I think most Fridays are great.
After my very lazy FNSI recently, I thought I'd better pick up my game & DO something for FNwF!

Off to Patch group I went in the morning... with my fabrics ready to continue sewing on my Indian Hatchet blocks... nice easy sewing to do while still being able to be in conversation with the ladies.

The Work Station:
This is a basic idea of what I'm thinking for this project... I took the pic on Thursday, so Friday's blocks are not included. Happy me, so far! (but not such a great pic)
Thank you Cheryll for hosting us again... it's always fun to go check out what the other ladies got up to... which you can do by clicking here.

Thanks for popping by & I hope you have a great week ahead.

Monday, 1 August 2016

'Christmas In July' Swap

Once again, Cheryll has done a wonderful job of co-ordinating this fun swap... thank you Cheryll, I've enjoyed it as I always do!
 This year, my gifts arrived from O'Faigh...
A beautiful runner & placemats, festive fabrics, a timber tree-shaped ornament... so many goodies!
Thank you again O'Faigh for sending me some Christmas In July swap joy!

My gifts were dropped off the sleigh to Shez... it's possible Shez loves Christmas more than anyone I know!... I'd been wanting to make this Gail Pan mini quilt for so long, so I took my opportunity to make it for her.
Inspirational Words - Gail Pan mini quilt
Santa - goody bag
Snowman - ornament 
(not sure if the link will work, it seems Shez's blog has 'been removed', hopefully only a temporary glitch)
 I love this design so much, I'm going to make another... & keep it! cheeky me

The Site Manager & I went for a lovely stroll along the Foreshore of town this morning... it was cold, but the sun was shining, just beautiful... it's not a pretty sight at the moment... so many Works projects happening in the same area...
 but I didn't mind... & of course Site Manager was in heaven with all that grass & all those trees to pee on; where does it all come from?!

Have A Great Week!
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